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Why Afikim

Afiscooters offers a wide range of mobility scooters that combine stylish design and advanced technology with easy operation. Designed with driver convenience in mind, the sturdy construction, adjustable suspension and orthopedic seating ensure a smooth, safe and comfortable ride.

All Afiscooters are produced in world-class manufacturing facilities and have local sales and support for reliability and years of service. Whether you are looking for heavy duty personal mobility, models designed for speed or range, or you are interested in fold-up and take-apart models for easy transport and storage, Afiscooters can accompany you almost anywhere you need to go.

  • Leading electric vehicles company since 1978, bringing a history of a wide range, of reliable vehicles

  • Top-of-the-line manufacturing technology, guaranteeing product longevity

  • Compliance with all international standards

  • Best-of-class vehicles carrying warranties

  • Stylish scooters that come with a variety of accessories

  • Specialized designed vehicles for operational use in commercial projects

  • Dedicated Afikim sales and support teams world wide

  • Commitment to comfortable use in all sizes: small, medium and large scooters

  • In house Research & Development department, supporting the scooters engineering & design

  • Scooters that are manufactured on-site and quality tested

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