It’s better to age together – 5 Secrets of nurturing the relationship after 55

Uncategorized. 24 Feb, 2022

You want to love, feel the excitement and romance, but enjoy it through the wisdom you accumulated, and at your own pace? Here are the five essential tips you should know

It is no secret that, for most people, a good relationship is a key factor for happier and healthier aging. How to maintain flame and romance as we age? Well, here are the five tips you really ought to know, whether you’re married for years or recently opened a new chapter in life:

5 secrets to the romance after 55:

1: Kids are out of the house? The space might allow you to finally find the romance you thought you lost

Whether you’ve been married for so long it feels like forever, or just found a new love, life is different when the nest is empty again. There are many downsides you might find, but the other side of the story is that you’re finally alone to love, touch, and be romantic just like before the kids were born – remember that time? Enjoy the intimacy of your bedroom, and go to bed together at the same time – those precious minutes together of contact and intimacy are never wasted. Be in touch during the day, don’t take your partner for granted and try and surprise – being unexpected in love, helps the blood flow – so actually you might call it a healthy behavior.

2: You already know it takes two whole people to make a couple, 2 halves just don’t cut it

Over fifty, we’re old enough to know we’re not talking in halves, but wholes – to enjoy a good relationship, we need to be on good terms with ourselves. You already know who you are as a person, how important independence is to you, and that supporting your and your loved one’s independence is a key to a good relationship. It’s even more so with age, as it fosters greater equality and increases intimacy and mutual appreciation. As we age, independence carries yet another aspect of mobility, abilities and the sense of self-worth. Our role is to support each other, making aging well possible together. Getting a dual-seat mobility scooter might be a perfect solution to keep closer to each other on every day outdoor tasks.

3: Practice Good Communications

Communication is vital in every relationship, and even more so when it comes to life partners. Practicing positive communication is what makes it perfect, well close enough. Being able to talk about disagreements, fears, feelings, and emotions is what makes a relationship tick. Remember – we all need attention, so take the time to devote it.

4. Accepting the Challenges of Aging Together

A good relationship also means accepting the vulnerability, that increases with the years. Taking care of one another while facing the physical challenges of aging and the fears that might accompany it. The feeling that you are together in it is not only a source of comfort, but also of strength. Knowing your partner is always there for you, whatever might come is something only you can do! Going place together might be more reassuring and safe than going alone. Knowing your partner is there for you helping to overcome mobility issues can give you the courage to do things you wouldn’t have done on your own. Owning a double seat mobility scooter will help achieve this.

5. Let’s Get Physical (and there you were thinking it’s a sex advice)

Though sex is definitely part of the deal – we’ll keep our bedside manners and stay out of the bedroom. We of course endorse demonstrations of affection; they are always welcome since attraction (and sex BTW) never go out of style. Besides kissing, holding hands and snuggling, don’t forget to keep a healthy lifestyle – be active, enjoy life, balance your diet and stay on the move – it’s a road worth travelling, and our scooters can also help you with that…

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