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Afiscooter S4 Cabin
Afiscooter S4 Cabin

The Afiscooter S4 Cabin is an electric scooter with a superstructure for protection against wind and harsh weather. The scooter features an attractive, modern, design including large windows for clear vision and safe driving. The Cabin scooter comes equipped with heater, seat belt, crutch holder, two external and one internal mirrors. 2 X 80A batteries, medico CCC 410 24V/8 battery charger, windscreen wiper and washer.

The cabin offers an impressive driving range, an egronomic design for a noticeably more comfortable ride, programmable electronic controller, LCD control screen and LED headlights. The four wheel suspension and steering systems provide a pleasurable car like driving experience for long distances.

  • Overall Length:
    165 cm
  • Overall Width:
    79 cm
  • Overall Height:
    167 cm
  • Ground Clearance:
    12 cm
  • Weight:
    With batteries
    496 lb
    225 kg
    Without batteries
    392 lb
    178 kg
  • Travel Range:
    28 mile
    45 km
  • Weight capacity:
    Inc. driver
    287 lb
    130 kg
  • Maximum Speed:
    7.5 mph
    10 Km/h
  • Max. climbing angle:
  • Turning radius:
    228 cm
  • Seating:
    51 cm
  • Tires type:
  • Tires size:
  • Battery type:
    12V 80A/h
  • Power unit:
    Rear Wheel Drive
    24V DC motor - 1300 Watt
  • Color:
    Metallic Silver

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Testing standarts

Testing Standards

Afiscooters are designed with driver safety in mind and according to international standards. Afiscooters are certified for CE-12184 in Europe, FDA approved in USA and hold ISO 9001-2000.



All Afiscooters are covered by extensive warranty for a minimum period of one year. The warranty policy must also reflect the local rules and regulations. Please contact your local provider for specific details.

Return policy

Afikim Electric Vehicles - Afiscooters is a manufacturer of mobility scooters and as such do not accept returns of products.
In order to obtain product return policy you should contact your local provider.
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