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Afiscooter C Scooter Recall News Release

Afikim Electric Vehicles Issues worldwide Recall of Afiscooter C Scooter

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 27, 2013

Kibbutz Afikim, 15148, Israel
+972-4-6754180 | 1-800-809-3010 |

On September 27, 2013, Afikim Electric Vehicles initiated a worldwide recall of Afiscooter C Scooters. The Afiscooter C Scooter may become unresponsive during operation due to an electrical contact which may fault due to extensive wear, which potentially could result in the driver not being able to stop the scooter during operation except by turning off the ignition key.

There is a Correction in process for the a.m. issue.
Consumers who have Afiscooter C Scooters should contact their local provider.

Products can be identified by their color; the recalled products are either metallic blue, metallic red or metallic silver. The products have two rear wheels and have either one or two wheels in the front. The scooters have an adjustable swivel seat and a front storage basket; some scooters may be fitted with an optional larger rear basket.

Afikim Electric Vehicles is notifying its distributors and customers by telephone and/or email and is arranging for correction of all recalled Afiscooter C Scooters.