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Afiscooters USA

Afiscooters USA is a network of knowledgeable personal mobility dealers to assist you in the selection of the right scooter for your needs and to provide local service if needed. Afiscooters USA maintains local stock in the US for fast delivery.

If you already chose which Afiscooters model you want, you can order online today from one of our Authorized Internet Dealers in the United States.

Breaking the Mobility Barriers
For more than 35 years, Afiscooters has been developing and manufacturing advanced, electrically-powered mobility scooters. Afiscooters' reputation for technological innovation, world-class manufacturing, aesthetic design, and exceptional quality has made its scooters best sellers.

Providing Optimal Mobility, Indoors and Outdoors
Afiscooters' range of innovative electric mobility scooters cater for every need - from the state-of-the-art heavy duty outdoor mobility scooters to superlight indoor scooters which can be easily disassembled and stored in the trunk of a car. Each Afiscooters scooter been designed for user comfort, with fully adjustable orthopedic seats. Easy to drive and simple to maintain, the sturdy scooters offer complete reliability in all driving conditions.

Technological Innovation Through Ongoing R&D
Afiscooters' mission is to create reliable electric mobility scooters to suit every need. Our R&D department is focused on continually improving our scooters so that they offer the best possible driving experience coupled with peace of mind. Strong emphasis is placed on designing scooters which are exceptionally easy to operate, offer optimal comfort, and provide years of reliable, low maintenance use.

Setting New Standards In Safety
Afiscooters' mobility scooters are designed with driver safety in mind and incorporate a built-in safety system which halts the vehicle should the driver lose control. Afiscooters' scooters meet European and US safety standards and hold FDA approval, ISO 9001-2000 and EN-12184 certification.

World-Class Manufacturing
Reliability and durability are defined by the quality of construction and components. Afiscooters has invested in not only world-class manufacturing facilities, but also in a dedicated, highly skilled workforce in order to produce superior scooters in the world market.

Worldwide Local Support
Afiscooters is dedicated to providing world-class support and service to our valued customers. Afiscooters' nation-wide distribution network offers year-round local technical support for our comprehensive warranty. . Find a dealer in your area.